Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our first cache!

With my geocahing app in hand  my son and my boyfriend headed back to Stonewall Dam.  My son was excited and grabbed his "swag" that he was going to put in the cache.  He brought two items.  One was a finger puppet dragon, the other was  Mc Donals's toy.  I believe they were the pigs from Shrek.  They had a button in the back and when you pushed it the voice said "pootie poot".  I am not sure what the Shrek pigs were really saying but I am sure some other child would enjoy it.

The first stop was a  success.  with my phone app's compass we were able to find the cache within a few minutes. My son was excited a chose a badger figurine from the canister.  He was dismayed to find the pootie poot pigs did not fit so he put in a finger puppet instead!

With this victory fresh in our mind we drove a minute away to the next stop, a trail by the dam.

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