Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our second attempt

This was our second attempt at finding a geocache. My son and boyfriend and I were full of confidence after finding the last cache. We went on a trail near the dam,  This trail is mostly uphill and was quite a climb in 80 degree heat.  We were holding our sides and breathing heavily within ten minutes of our quest.  I was tempted to turn around but my boyfriend stated we came this far so we might as well go all the way.  The compass on my app kept saying we were many meters away.  Finally we made the decision to go off the trail.  Unfortunately the compass was pointing straight down a hill.  Again we pressed on.  We had to pick how we would go down this steep hill. My son and boyfriend picked a steeper descent than I.  I was told by my seven year old to go the flatter way, because the way he was taking was for men!   "The men" watched as I made my descent backwards.  If I was going to fall it was going to be on my behind!  My boyfriend made a smart alakey comment saying "come on honey, get down here so I can kick you!"  This was his way of showing appreciation of being in the woods sweating his butt off!  My son must have took him seriously because he said "that is not helpful at all!" We were all standing on an incline looking around roots of fallen tree while the compass was going crazy.  4 Meters, five meters six meters.. Hey there's a salamander!  We looked the best we could but we were beat!  We admitted defeat and headed back to the car.  In the back of my mind I knew  I would be coming back to find this on my own.  Although we did not find the cache we did have a good hike.

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